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BFG Nutcracker 2015

Nutcracker Class Invite Letter

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Anna & Abby Dance Scholarship
100% of all donated funds go directly to scholarships. FGDA_S1w_1540

The 2014 Spring Anna & Abby Dance Scholarship fund, Awarded a total of $3,555 to the following Company Members:

Hailey New, Clarissa Tolan, Kate O'Day,
Malyssa Robles, Lauren Kness,
Reagan Petersen, Stephanie Cadd,
Alaina McKinnon, Paige Coppedge,
Viviana Bruno

Anna & Abby Dance Scholarship Committee Members:
Cindi McIntyre
Susan Dieter-Robinson
Patty Petersen
Jenn BeLusko
Tami Mallo


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